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Decisions, penalties and appeals

Misconduct decisions

Npof’s task is to investigate whether research misconduct has occurred. The outcome of the Board’s assessment is its decision on the matter.

We publish all misconduct decisions here. Statistics on our decisions and cases are also available.


In our Annual Report, we summarise the measures that the entities responsible for research have reported back to us. This is done anonymously.

See our Annual Reports here


The respondent (alleged offender), if found guilty, can appeal Npof´s decision. There has now been a change to allow such appeals, whereas the research principals used to investigate alleged research misconduct. Appeals are heard by the Administrative Court (Förvaltningsrätten) in Uppsala. This Court’s judgment may be appealed to the Administrative court of appeal (Kammarrätten) in Stockholm and the latter Court’s judgment, in turn, is appealed to Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court (Högsta Förvaltningsdomstolen). Read more about this Court here.

The complainant is not a party to an Npof case. This has two implications: